The Falconer, Falconer Trilogy book one, by Elizabeth May Vanginal Fantasy book club main read for April

Vaginal Fantasy book club has returned after a three month hiatus during which host Felicia Day welcomed her daughter Calliope Maeve Day into the world. Best wishes to mother and daughter. Vaginal Fantasy makes its return with The Falconer, Falconer trilogy book one, written by Elizabeth May published in 2013 which is a fae and... Continue Reading →


The Twentieth Wife, Taj Mahal trilogy book one, by Indu Sundaresan Vaginal Fantasy book club main read for December

The Twentieth Wife, Taj Mahal Trilogy book one, written by Indu Sundaresan is an epic seventeenth-century story published in 2002, it is Vaginal Fantasy book clubs main read for the month of December. The Twentieth Wife is the story of one of India's most legendary and controversial empresses, whose brilliance and determination helped to overcome... Continue Reading →

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