Time Doesn’t Stop by Darcie Ragland

Self Harm Trigger.

New author, Darcie Ragland takes her first envoy into the literary world with her self published novel Time Doesn’t Stop in 2017.

I am a member of a group called Hot Mess Bookworms! on Facebook, I recommend joining if you love reading, where Darcie Ragland announced the released of this book. I have read her work before and enjoyed it so I was excited to read this piece. It can be bought on Kindle or physical copy from Amazon. I requested my copy be signed, which she kindly obliged, which is an awesome perk of her being a new writer.

Ainsley Aker’s heart is connected to a clock so when she dies the clock breaks but for her daughter, Ivy, time doesn’t stop. Ivy is left mourning the loss of her mother, dealing her toxic father, and struggling with issues far bigger then she should have to face. Ivy battles not only time, but herself, as she struggles to set her world right again.

I am unsure of what exactly to classify this book as, it fits part way into suspense and drama yet almost refuses to boxed into one category. If you want to give a new author a try then this is definitely an option but if self harm bothers you then it is not an option.

The writing has a nice flow and I love Ragland’s use of imagery and personification, I find personification to be underrated and wish more authors used it. My two favorite lines in the story are, “A sunless night where the ice coated trees blew carelessly in the slight breeze, in unison; as if there was something they needed to tell me, but couldn’t.” and “I overheard the automatic doors of the hospital slide open, and converse with the squeaking of sneakers against the smooth tile floor.” I’m not entirely sure I can explain why I enjoy personification in small ways like this, or why these line stuck with me through the rest of the story, but I find that the use of personification kept bringing the world Ragland created to life.

Ivy is adorable but my heart ached for this little girl and the world she is dumped into and I spent most the story wanting to smack Kieran, but these are the marks of well created characters. Just as I started to like Dr. Jeremiah the story turned my idea of his character on its head, which is something the plot kept doing as well. I also loved that on the images of the clock that starts each section the hands moved as the story progressed, this is a unique take on a header for sections.

Time Doesn’t Stop is a dark story with twists that kept me intrigued all the way through. If you want to read something out of the ordinary and are willing to give a first time author a try then I definitely recommend this book. I look forward to reading more work from Ragland.

Now go forth, read self published first time authors, and prosper.


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