Shadow’s Seduction, Immortals After Dark Book Seventeen, by Kresley Cole Vaginal Fantasy Book Club Main Read for May

Shadow’s Seduction, Immortals After Dark book seventeen, by Kresley Cole published in 2017 is a male/male fantasy romance novella and is Vaginal Fantasy book clubs main read for the month of May.

Bounty hunter Caspion steadfastly refuses to admit that vampire Prince Mirceo Dacino might be his mate. As the two friends journey and battle together Mirceo makes it his personal mission to win the heart of his mate.

Shadow’s Seduction is a novella that has the paranormal and fantasy worlds meeting up with male/male romance. This is a short book so this review will be short too I’m sure. I have not read the rest of the Immortals After Dark series but I enjoyed this book.

I love Mirceo’s high level of sass and find him adorable even though he is smug. I also love Caspion’s intense need to be needed as this is a quality that everyone should be able to relate to. I love Mina as well and was very upset with the ending of the novella especially considering that the next novel does not seem to pick up where the cliff hanger from this one left off.

The writing and the story line are easy to flow with and get lost in. The world and types of characters are intriguing though not delved into very much because this is a novella. The romance between the two main characters is intense and explosive which is often tamed down in a lot of male/female romance novels.

Shadow’s Seduction is a witty read full of adventure and intense love between the two main characters but if you don’t like male/male romance then this book is not for you.

Now go forth, read paranormal/fantasy male/male romance novellas, and prosper.


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