Southern Gothic by Anna Morris

I was asked by Anna Morris, the author, to read Southern Gothic and write a review for it. Let little old me say that this was an honor, and a joy, which makes it even cooler. I have recently discovered that when reading books with certain content in them that the reader will caution other readers by stating that there are ‘triggers’ in the book. In keeping with that, this book has some potential triggers, the only one of which I really feel needs to be stated is blood. As a reminder, I like to find quote that really sums put the book for me. Now for the honest review.

Southern Gothic by Anna Morris

When reading books of the BDSM variety you are bound to encounter potentially risky scenes and this book is no different. This book pushes at boundaries that, compared to other books I have read lately of the same variety, are a mild line to cross. The only part of the book that bothered me involved the use of blood in a sexual manner, though this is a personal issue that may not bother other people. A good writer can ease the reader away that discomfort, in the very way that her character does for their partner, and I was pleased to find that Anna Morris does not disappoint in this. Her writing style eased me passed things that I thought of as uncomfortable to read, and suddenly I found them tolerable.

I really enjoyed Anna Morris’s writing style. Her writing flows easily and is personable. When reading Southern Gothic I felt almost as if I was a friend of the main characters and she was confiding her deepest secrets with me. The writing didn’t feel distant, or outside of the character, as is becoming more common in writing currently. The scenes are well written and engaging.

I enjoyed reading a BDSM book whose main characters are not damaged and therefore have this sexual preference, but rather- simply enjoy it. The main male character is honest and upfront about his preferences which I found refreshing. The main female character is not the dim witted kind for once, she thinks through her choices in a smart way, though admittedly still falling prey to the main characters male charm. As each potentially degrading act happens she reevaluates how she feels about them in a smart manner that is uncommon for current heroines.

Overall, this book is well written and engaging while pushes boundaries in an enjoyable way. Southern Gothic  by Anna Morris was a joy to read and well worth the money spent.

“I knew the nature of the choices set out before me. The only real decision was how to make the one I set upon my own. For one thing I knew for certain; from now on I was going to be in control of my own destiny, and wherever it led me, I was not about to be ruled by anyone. This lesson my life so far had taught me; sometimes it was better to be alone and free than locked inside a cage shaped by somebody else, even if that person claimed to love you.”

Now go forth, try new things, and prosper.


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