Star Wars Series

Long time no blog. Welcome.

I recently made a blog post about my first time watching Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and I said that I would write another blog when I finished watching all the movies. Well, the time has come my young Padawan. ūüôā

4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6. Here we go.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope– The galaxy is in civil war. R2D2 and C3PO have a message they take to Tatooine. Luke helps them find Obi Wan Kenobi, a Jedi, which was his Luke’s destiny anyway. They of course then go off to save Leia, hiring Hans Solo and Chewbacca to transport them. With much battling they save Leia and escape but Obi Wan is killed while fighting Darth Vader, there is also a tracker on the ship that leads the bad guys to the rebel camp on Yavin IV. Luke and Hans Solo end up destroying the Death Star during the ensuing battle and Princess Leia gives them metals for their heroic efforts.

I love R2D2 and Chewbacca, instantly. Deep love and respect for those two. C3PO is kind of a douche but at least R2D2 is his weak spot and he shows his worth there. When C3PO offers his metal to save R2D2 I cried, not ashamed. Hans Solo is as self centered as I pictured him, but of course he has a gooey heart at his center. I did not think that Luke would be such a whiny tool, that’s just disappointing really. Darth Vader was cool as a bad guy, I liked that he actually went out to fight though that is of course a plot point so that he doesn’t die when the Death Star gets blow up. It also has to be said I can barely wrap my head around Darth Vader being voiced by the man who plays Mufasa in The Lion King, or the fact that Hans Solo is the man who plays Indiana Jones. Nerd love overlapping here.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back– The rebel base is now located on the ice planet Hoth. Due to his own stupidity Luke gets himself caught by a Wampa, he escapes but is dying from the cold, his old mentor Obi Wan appears and tells him to go to Dagobah to train with Jedi master Yoda. Hans Solo saves Luke. The Emperial Fleet finds the rebels. Hans Solo, Chewy, Leia, and C3PO escape but their hyperspace drive malfunctions so they hide in an asteroid field. Darth Vader hires bounty hunters to find them, including Boba Fett. Luke and R2D2 go to Dagobah and he trains under Yoda, entering a cave to fight Darth Vader and sees himself under the helmet. Hans takes them to Cloud City where his friend Lando has betrayed them to Darth Vader, though he had little choice in the matter. Hans gets frozen in carbonite and given to Jaba, Vader uses them to set a trap for Luke. Lando feels guilty so he helps Leia escape to go after Hans, but Boba has already left to take him to Jaba the Hutt. Luke arrives, him and Vader fight. Vader cuts off Luke’s hand and reveals that he is his father. Luke throws himself down the air shaft and ends up hanging on an antenna. He sends out a telepathic call to Leia, she returns to save him. R2D2 fixes the hyperspace drive and they escape. Luke gets a robotic hand, while Lando and Chewy head out to try to locate Hans.

Chewbacca’s cry when Hans Solo is frozen hurt my heart, so sad. I love that Chewy fixes C3PO, adorable. I also have respect for Luke risking his training to go save his friends even though this is cause they have all chosen to give their lives for. After confessing her love to Hans Solo Leia ends up kissing Luke, b****. I also respect Lando for trying to right his, forced, wrong by saving Hans, and of course Chewy goes with.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace–¬†In response to taxation on trade routes in the Galactiv Republic, the Trade Federation places a blockade around Naboo. Supreme Chancellor Valorum sends Jedi Master Qui-Gon an his apprentice Obi Wan Kenobi to negotiate with the Federation leader. Darth Sidious, a Sith Lord, is working with the Trade Federation in secret, and orders the Federation to kill the Jedi and attack Naboo. The Jedi flee to Naboo, save a Gungan outcast named Jar Jar Binks who shows them to an underwater Gungan city where they try in vain to get the Gungan leader to help them. They do get transportation to Theed, they rescue Queen Amidala, the ruler of the Naboo people. The ship is damaged so they land on Tatooine, where they go to Mos Espa for parts from Watto. They meet his nine year old slave Anakin Skywalker who has built himself a protocol droid named C3PO and a podracer. Qui-Gon has Anakin do a podrace winning parts for the ship and Anakins freedom. Next they go to the Republic capital planet Coroscant so Amidala can speak with Chancellor Valorum. When the Jedi council refuse to train Anakin, Qui-Gon decides to do so by himself. Naboo senator Palpatine convinces Amidala to place a vote of no confidence in Valorum to place someone else in control, then she leaves for Naboo with the Jedi. Padme, Amidala’s handmaiden reveals herself to the Gungans as Amiddala and convinces them to align with her. Jar Jar leads his people to battle against the droid army, and Anakin triggers a starfighters autopolit and accidentally ends up in the battle. Anakin destroys the enemy ship from within and turns off the droid army. Qui-Gon and Obi Wan fight Darth Maul, who kills Qui-Gon before being killed by Obi Wan. Obi Wan takes on training Anakin. Palpatine is elected as new supreme Chancellor, the Jedi council makes Obi Wan a full Jedi and accepts Anakin as his apprentice.

No one explains why you watch these movies now, and go back in time, so for now my feeling on that is Grrrr. I enjoy Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon. Jar Jar Binks walks a fine line between annoying and endearing sometimes. Young Anakin is smart, brave, spunky, so adorable. I love that Anakin and R2D2 are so in sink right away. I love the look of Tatooine city Mos Espa. I also love that Queen Amidala has a double and that she is a bad*** but as is the case for me with Vader and Hans when I see her I think of her as the woman from V For Vendetta first. Nerd love overlapping again.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones–¬†Ten years after the Trade Federation’s invasion of Naboo, the Galactic Republic is now threatened by a Separatist movement organized by former Jedi Master Count Dooku. Senator Amidala comes to Coruscant to vote on a plan to create an army of the Republic to assist the Jedi in this battle. Barely avoiding an assassination attempt, she is placed under the protection of Jedi Obi-Wan and Anakin who stops another attack on her life. The Jedi Council assigns Obi-Wan to identify and capture the bounty hunter after her, while Anakin is assigned to escort her¬†back to Naboo, where the two fall in love.¬†Obi-Wan’s investigation leads him to the ocean planet Kamino, where he discovers an army of clones is being produced for the Republic, with bounty hunter Jango Fett serving as their genetic template. Obi-Wan deduces Jango to be the bounty hunter he is seeking, and follows him and his clone son Boba to the desert planet Geonosis. Anakin becomes troubled by premonitions of his mother Shmi in pain, and travels to Tatooine with Padm√© to save her, they meet Owen Lars, Anakin’s stepbrother who is the son of Shmi’s new husband Cliegg Lars, and find Shmi has been captured they find her barely alive after having been beaten and tortured.¬†Obi-Wan discovers a Separatist gathering led by Count Dooku, transmits his findings to Anakin to relay to the Jedi Council, but is captured mid-transmission. With knowledge of the clone army, Chancellor Palpatine is voted emergency powers to send the clones into battle. Anakin and Padm√© journey to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan, but are also captured. The three are rescued by a group of Jedi and clone troopers led by Mace Windu and Yoda during which Jango is killed. Obi-Wan, Anakin and Dooku battle. Dooku wins, injuring Obi-Wan and severing Anakin’s right arm, but then Yoda arrives and fights him until Dooku flees. Dooku takes the Death Star plans to Darth Sidious. Anakin is fitted with a robotic arm and secretly marries Padm√© on Naboo, with C-3PO and R2-D2 as their witnesses.

When Anakin confesses that he loves Padme, she turns him own for being to young, even though they seem like they are the same age. Though she turns him own she precedes to wear overly sexy outfits and take romantic picnic in flower fields with him, what the heck! The amount of times someone appears to save the day but then ends up needing help is ridiculous and kind of funny in a sad way. Yoda ends up saving the day, again, no surprise there. I love the secret wedding, but in part only because I love Padme.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith–¬†During a battle over Coruscant between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance, Jedi Obi-Wan and Anakin lead a mission to rescue the kidnapped Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Separatist commander General Grievous. The Jedi engage Count Dooku in a duel, where Anakin kills Dooku at Palpatine’s urging. Grievous flees, the Jedi crash-land on Coruscant. Padme reveals that she is pregnant. Initially excited, Anakin begins to have premonitions of Padme dying in childbirth.¬†Palpatine appoints Anakin to the Jedi Council as his representative, but the Council declines Anakin the rank of Jedi Master and orders him to monitor the Chancellor. Palpatine tells Anakin of the dark side of the Force, and the power to prevent death. When Palpatine reveals himself as the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Anakin reports his treachery to Mace Windu, who fights Palpatine. In a desperate attempt to help save Padm√©, Anakin intervenes on Palpatine’s behalf, allowing him to kill Mace Windu. Anakin pledges himself to Palpatine, who renames him Darth Vader.¬†Palpatine issues an order for the clone troopers to kill their Jedi commanders, and sends¬†Vader to kill the Jedi at the temple but Obi-Wan, who killed Grievous, and Yoda survive. Vader then kills the remaining Separatist leaders while Palpatine addresses the Senate and makes the Republic into the Galactic Empire, declaring himself Emperor. On Coruscant, Obi-Wan and Yoda return to the Jedi Temple to discover Anakin turned to the dark side. Padm√© travels to Mustafar to confront Anakin, while Obi-Wan stows aboard her ship. When Vader discovers Obi-Wan, he accuses Padm√© of betrayal and uses the Force to choke her into unconsciousness. Obi-Wan battles and dismembers Vader, who is then burned by a volcanic river. Back in Coruscant, Yoda confronts Palpatine, but retreats after their duel reaches a stalemate.¬†Obi-Wan brings Padm√© to the asteroid Polis Massa, where she gives birth to twins Luke and Leia before dying. A funeral is held for Padm√©, whose body still gives the¬†illusion of pregnancy. Palpatine saves Vader and brings him back to Coruscant, where his ruined body is repaired with robotic parts. Palpatine informs Vader of Padm√©’s death, turning him fully to the dark side. In an attempt to hide the twins they are separated, Senator Bail Organa adopts Leia and takes her to Alderaan, while Obi-Wan delivers Luke to his uncle Owen on Tatooine, where Obi-Wan stays to watch over Luke.

Anakin reveals more of his whiny nature in this movie when the council does not accept him as a Jedi, he also shows his foolishness by believing he can stop death. Some of us learned that lesson from the stories about Harry Potter. If you have not read Harry Potter then you are respectfully shunned now. I love Padme being pregnant, and that it turns out to be twins, BUM BUM BUM. This of course adds an EWW factor to Leia kissing Luke in the other movie, and now it also ¬†clear why you watch the movies in this order. Just like with Vader, Hans, and Padme, when I see Mace Windu I think of him as Director Fury. Now even more nerd love has over lapped, encase you aren’t keeping track that is Harry Potter, The Avengers, The Lion King, Indiana Jones, and V For Vendetta. So much is in my head when I watch these movies, A.D.D. at its finest.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi–¬†One year following the events of Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, Luke Skywalker has a plan to rescue Hans Solo from Jabba the Hutt with the help of Princess Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2. Leia enters Jabba’s palace on Tatooine disguised as a bounty hunter presenting Chewie as her prisoner, and Lando is already there disguised as a guard. Leia releases Han from his carbonite prison, but they are captured. Luke arrives and ends up captured as well. After Luke survives a battle with Jabba’s Rancor, Jabba sentences Luke and Han to death by being fed to the sarlacc. Luke frees himself during the execution and a battle begins, Boba Fett is shot down into the Sarlaac pit. Leia then strangles Jabba to death and the group escapes. While Han and Leia meet with the Rebel Alliance, Luke returns to Dagobah where he finds that Yoda is dying. With his last breaths, Yoda mentions “another Skywalker”. The spirit of Obi-Wan confirms that the “other” Yoda spoke of is Luke’s twin sister, Leia.¬†The Rebel Alliance learns that the Empire has been constructing a new Death Star under the supervision of Vader and his master, Emperor Palpatine. In a plan to destroy the new weapon, Han leads a strike team to destroy the battle station’s shield generator on the forest moon of Endor, so that they can destroy the station from within. On Endor they encounter a tribe of Ewoks and form a partnership with them. Later, Luke confesses to Leia that she is his sister, Vader is their father, and that he is leaving to confront him.¬†Vader takes Luke to the Death Star to meet Palpatine, intent on turning his son to the dark side, Palpatine reveals that the Death Star is fully operational and set to destroy the Rebellion. On Endor, Han’s is captured but escapes and attacks the shield generator. Lando leads the Rebel fleet to the Death Star. Palpatine tempts Luke to give in to his anger and join the dark side of the Force, and Luke engages Vader in a battle. Vader discovers that Luke has a sister, and threatens to turn her to the dark side so Luke attacks Vader and severs his father’s right hand. Palpatine tells Luke to kill Vader and take his place, but Luke refuses, declaring himself a Jedi so Palpatine tortures Luke with Force lightning. Unwilling to let his son die, Vader accepts Luke’s fate and throws Palpatine down a chute to his death, therefore fulfilling the prophecy that he would be the one to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force. At his father’s request, Luke removes Vader’s mask to see his scarred face, allowing him to look at his son before dying in Luke’s arms. The Rebel fleet launches their final assault on the Death Star. Luke escapes on an Imperial shuttle with his father’s body, while Lando escapes moments before the Death Star explodes. Leia reveals to Hans that Luke is her brother, and Luke returns to Endor and cremates his father’s armor on a funeral pyre. As the Rebels celebrate the end of the Empire, Luke sees the spirits of Obi Wan, Yoda, and Anakin watching over them.

I was glad to be back to this set of movies, I enjoy them more then I did the first set in a few ways. Though I do love young Anakin and Padme. Leia gets them caught because she is clearly not as awesome as her mother. Her slave outfit, *insert eye roll*. Jabba’s tongue assaulting her, serious amounts of EWW, possibly worse then kissing her brother before. Luke shows some bad*** talent by having a good plan of escape this time. I enjoy Leia asking Luke what is wrong and him saying as me later, I laughed nicely at that one. And of course I have a soft spot for the Ewoks. I enjoy the ending of this movie, that it is sort of what expected/hoped would become of these movies. Though the whole Obi Wan, Yoda, Anakin ghost watching over them thing is a bit weird I see the point of it tying the movies together because of the odd watch order.

Over all I think I would have to say that I enjoyed 4, 5, and 6 the most, though that is hard to say because I love Padme so much I want to dress as her for Halloween. I am in part sad that I didn’t watch these movies sooner yet I am also in part glad I waited until now. Hard to explain. I have now borrowed a set of Star Wars books from a friend for more detail since I still have questions. These movies definitely have re-watch value and I see the appeal of them completely. I can hardly wait to see the new one when it comes out, and just hope that it is well done.

Now go forth, enjoy Halloween, and prosper my nerd friends.


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