Star Wars Movies

Okay, so I am quite an awesome nerd/fan girl, if I do say so myself, yet I have somehow managed to never watch the Star Wars movies. I have not avoided them or anything but for some reason the opportunity to watch them has never presented itself. I even have friends that love them yet I have never watched them, don’t know how that was possible for so long.

So I decided to watch the movies. Here we go.

I had to look up how to even watch them, not an awesome start but okay. So the movies were released in the order of 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3. But the episode order is, obvious answer is obvious, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. However, if you watch them in either one of those orders things get all messed up I guess. So Star Wars watch order is 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6. Go figure.

I will post again after I have watched all the Star Wars movies of course but I wanted to post after having just watch the first one.

So I watched Star Wars IV: A New Hope. I will be honest I was kind of set on not liking very much. I’m not conventional with outer space things and it has such hype that I wasn’t thinking it would be all that awesome, though I of course didn’t think it would be bad.

Star Wars IV: A New Hope was awesome. I liked it way more then I thought I ever would, so I was proven wrong.

I LOVE R2D2, he makes me giggle like a small child when he beeps answers, and I love when he uses sarcasm. He is adorable. However, I found C3PO to be kind of a douche. He was rude to R2D2 and it upset me. Grump. However, at the end when he offered his metal to save R2D2 he redeemed himself to me and I teared up. It was beautiful.

Also I loved Chewy, he was so big and hairy and loud that it is impossible to love him. I love how he kept yelling things at Hans Solo and it always seemed like they were insulting things, I would yell insulting things at Hans too so I understand Chewy.

I went into the movie assuming that Hans Solo would kind of be a jerk, and I wasn’t really let down. He seemed just like I pictured, a self serving jerk that has a gooey heart at the center. I respect that. Jaba the Hut was not what I had in mind though, he was weird but whatever.

I did not think that Luke Skywalker was going to be such a whiny tool. He kept whining and yet not expecting others to have things to whine about. And he got them shot at instead of following the quite escape that was being given to him, and he wouldn’t listen to Obi Wan Kenobi saying to use the force. Tool.

Darth Vader was actually kind of cool as the bad guy here, I liked that he actually went out to fight. Which of course was a plot point to keep him alive and all but still.

On a purely nerd level I kept looking at Darth Vader and going, ‘But Mufasa you are a good guy….” and I also kept wondering why Indiana Jones wasn’t in his classroom or a cave somewhere. Nerd love overlapped.

I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t agree but so far my opinions stands. I will check back in when I have watched the rest of the movies.

Now go forth, watch Star Wars, and prosper my nerd friends.


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