EA Games Dragon Age RPG series

Electronic Arts Games owns a company called Bioware Studios who are makers of the Dragon Age RPG series.

My level of nerd gamer love for these games is intense, so hear me out here.

Dragon Age: Origins came out in 2009 with 8 DLC from then through 2010, Dragon Age: Origins- Awakening expansion pack and Dragon Age: Origins- Ultimate Edition compilation were also released in 2010.

I have Dragon Age: Origins- Ultimate Edition for the PS3 and have logged over 100 hours of game play time. Giving so much of yours time to a game certainly creates an attachment, for example my computer is named Leliana, I have a stuffed Nug, and my ringtone is the Dragon Age theme song. You’ll understand those names if you play the game.

You start Dragon Age: Origins with a video that explains the story. Next you create your character. Male or female, Human, Elf, or Dwarf, Warrior, Mage, or Rogue. Depending on the things you choose you can then select a noble or commoner for Dwarf, Noble for Human, Magi for Mage, Dalish or City for Elf. The game explains these choices as you hover over them.

The traits you choose for your character and the actions that you make throughout the game with affect other things, and will even affect your game play in Dragon Age II, though that was not known at the time of course.

For my first play through I selected Dwarf, Warrior, and Commoner. As I said before, I play characters with brute force in mind.

After creating you character, more videos, meeting team members and Duncan you learn to play. Some people didn’t like how many videos are in this game but I disagree. The game is heavy in story and therefore needed to explain things or instead the complaints would have been that it wasn’t filled in enough. People always find something to complain about.

I love Duncan and feel sadness for him as the story unfolds. As you progress in the game you gather playable team members such as, Leliana a Human Rogue from the Chantry, Alistar a Human Warrior from the Templars, Morrigan a Human, dark Mage, Sten a Qunari Warrior, Oghren a Dwarf Warrior, Wynne a Human Elder Mage from the Circle, Zevran an Elf Rogue from the Crows, and a Mabari War Hound. The words here that I have not explained such as Chantry, Templar, Qunari, The Circle, and The Crows are explained throughout the game and add certain benefits to each member.

For the Mage class sometimes the aiming of spells fells a bit stunted in movement but for a game of its time it is not lacking. The Radial menu is used for quick access to spells, attacks, mana and health potions. This is a feature that makes sudden actions much easier and can help to keep you alive in the heat of battle. You become a Grey Warden, through a questionable ritual, and begin your journey across Thedas to end The Blight. During the game you are forced to battle humans, elfs, dwarfs, mages, skeletons, dragons, and darkspawn. Using the DLC you can go on adventures to figure out the back story for the companions on your team.

By the end of Dragon Age: Origins you have ended The Blight and saved the people of Thedas, though after our interactions with the people of Thedas you may be left wondering if they worth saving. Depending on certain choices you make in the game you get a different ending which one of this games coolest traits. You can play through many times with different characteristics and endings almost every time.

Dragon Age II was released in 2010 with 4 DLC from then and into 2011, and Dragon Age II Signature Edition also released in 2011.

I have Dragon Age II Signature Edition for the PS3, and have again logged over 100 hours of game play time.

Dragon Age II tells the story of Hawke who fled after the events of Dragon Age: Origins, through the flashbacks of Varric. Dragon Age II has three acts with a few years separating each one, leading to one of two possible endings for your story. Though your chooses in the game still influence your future they do not hold quite as much of an impact as in Dragon Age: Origins although your Origins story can be uploaded in the Dragon Age II furthering the affects of your choices.

Your playable companions in Dragon Age II are Varric a Dwarf Rogue, Carver a Human Warrior, Bethany a  Human Mage(though in most cases she will not be available until DLC), Aveline a Human Warrior, Isabela a Human Rogue Assassin, Merrill a Dalish Elf Mage, Anders a Grey Warden Mage, and Fenris a Tevinter Elf Warrior. Also in DLC is Sebastian  Human Noble Rogue from the Chantry, and Tallis a Elven Ben-Hassrath Assassin Rogue.

The primary differences that Dragon Age II boasted are the dialogue wheel and the skill tree, though these are also among the main complaints that some Dragon Age fans had. Again, people will always find things to complain about.

For me personally I prefer Dragon Age: Origins over Dragon Age II mainly because I just enjoy the richer story more. I enjoy having all the details in my heroic pursuits.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be released in November of 2014, with the DLC unmentioned so far. There is also no mention of being able to upload your former characters to affect your current game as this is an decision that Bioware has went back and forth on. I have, of course, pre-ordered the Deluxe edition of Dragon Age Inquisition. The Inquisitors Edition took orders that could not be filled so that was unattainable.

Here are some of the things that Bioware has released about Dragon Age Inquisition, such as, a new race available is Qunari, in depth crafting and customization, as well as the class specializations now have more options as well as more abilities and talents that will all affect your character in a way that seems reminiscent of how your choices affected your character in Dragon Age Origins.

Companions for Dragon Age Inquisition seem to be one of the things changed drastically so that now you have advisers as well as playable character. So for playable characters there seems to be Varric(familiar face) a Dwarf Rogue, Cole a Human Spirit, Solas an Elven Apostate Mage, Dorian a Human Tevinter Altus Mage, Vivienne a Human Mage from the Imperial Court, Cassandra a Human Nevarran Seeker from The Divine, The Iron Bull a Qunari Ben-Hassrath Warrior, Sera an Elven archer, Blackwall a Human Grey Warden Constable. For advisers there is Cullen a Templar Knight-Captain, Josphine an Antivan diplomat, and Leliana a Chantry agent from The Divine(a former companion).

I have great expectations for Dragon Age Inquisition and will create a blog about the game when it releases. I also have concerns that I will state now. I was concerned about the representation of Leliana but am assured that there is no need to worry, that she is the same but battle worn now, which is to be expected. I love the return of Varric, it is always good to have helpful faces around and his sense of humor is good to keep nearby. For the gamers that pay close attention in the former games play-throughs and actually did the side quests you will also find that Cullen is a familiar face from Denerim.

As far as playablility goes Dragon Age Inquisition seems like it is going to kick butt though I do hope that when creating the game the thought of the common gamer like me. I do not think I will be using its tactical camera or even using the crafting, though I do think that I will find a use for customization they created. I am however very excited for the huge open world they claim to have created. I am a gamer that plays all side quests and likes to play through every facet a game has to offer which is why I like a rich background in a game. I’m also looking forward to the more in depth character building.

I hope that Dragon Age Inquisition lives up to expectations, we shall see.

Now go forth, play the Dragon Age series, and prosper my nerd friends.


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