Hocus Pocus

There are so many things to be said for this 1993 Disney movie, Hocus Pocus, that I’m a bit unsure where to even begin.

This movie has a very un-Disney like quality in the fact that it makes being a virgin sound like a bad thing that will get you in trouble. Comments like “a VIRGIN lit the candle” said in a droll annoyed tone, specifically pointing out that the main character is a virgin more then once, and a cop pulling him aside in disbelief really lead to the audience thinking virgins are trouble. Seriously Disney? This movie has been re-airing for years, no wondering people are so promiscuous now a days. (This is not to say that this is the only contributing factor of course).

Along the point of unnecessary things, was it necessary for them to show Binx crushed by the bus, and have crackling noises when his bones puff back out or to have children be perfectly calm trapping people in a fire and watching them burn. This combined with the virgin hating background story, and the use of curse words like damn and hell makes me want to double check that it is indeed a Disney movie.

This movie also has many opportunities for That’s What She Said jokes, such as, but of course not limited to, Satan saying “You could a tight end!” as well as the exchange between Winifred and the bus driver of “We desire children.” “It might take me a few tries but that shouldn’t be a problem.” I note that if you made this movie into a good drinking game, you would have a nice buzz by the end of the film. (Not for people under the age of 21 of course).

Now don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely LOVE this movie, I just believe that some things need to be said here. I feel a certain Harry Potter connect in the mucis, spell book, and light effects as well as a sense of Supernatural(popular CW show that you simply must watch) that it keeps a certain spot in my heart for those things alone.

I love it for the Dadcula joke that Max’s dad makes at the dance. I also of course love how none of the parents believe the children, note parents: listen to your children more often please. I love the spells that you hear them say and I know them by heart, and I of course love a good Bette Midler musical number. I love Thora Birch as an actress and her spunk. For those that watch NCIS, and I do recommend it, I love that human Binx is played by Sean Murray who plays McGee(aka McGeek) on NCIS. It also needs to be said that Billy Butcherson(the lover back from the dead) is played by Doug Jones, a master of make up and costumes, I love his Hermione-esque string of insults for Winifred and how this is one of the only times ever you will her the phrase “he’s a good zombie”.

I love the vacuum broom, the ending light show as sisters meet their end, and the song that lures children to them. The happy ending of the movie is much more fitting for a Disney movie of course.

This is one of my all time favorite Disney and Halloween movies ever, also putting Halloweentown in that well loved category.

Now go forth, watch good movies, and prosper my nerd friends.


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